Real Job Titles of Information Specialists in French

Since I’ve volunteered for I Need A Library Job, I have language issues. Quebec is a French-speaking province, so I assume that the most of the audience of INALJ Quebec are French-speaking too. As a result, I think that they’d like to get to know about new jobs in French. But INALJ is mainly in English! Initially I asked Naomi (foundator and editor of INALJ) about this contradiction and she allowed me to keep job titles and proper names in French. Soon afterwards I started to make a list of real job titles in French that I had to add to my page. At first, it was only for completing my list of keywords for job searching. But when Naomi added a reference to the Michelle Mach’s impressive list of real job titles for librarians and information professionals (no more available, unfortunately. EB 30/04/2015), I understood that I’d like to do the same in French. So, use these titles as keywords for your job searching. The list is not comprehensive, but I will update it regularly. If your own job title doesn’t included in this list, please email me at: Elena Bubelich.